About Us

As Doğaplast, all of the product groups produced in our factory are products produced using raw materials obtained from recycling.

Doğaplast, all products bearing the brand
It examines the raw material and production process meticulously and always offers the best quality products to its customers.

About Us

Doğaplast Packaging Industry and Trade Limited Company, with the recycling of the plastic waste brought into the facility, produces granule raw material and turns these materials into garbage bags. The operation contributes both to the economy with proper waste management and to the conservation of natural resources. It operates on the principle of protection of the environment and serves a broad range of customers from waste manufacturers to users.


To be a preferred brand by preventing the depletion of natural sources through keeping up with the environment, quality, scientific developments and changes in legal legislations, by making use of waste with recycling, protecting the environment, benefiting to society with long-term sustainable waste management.


To be a company that is present in all the steps of plastic waste collection, recovery and being turned into product, always improving itself, open to change on Research and Development and scientific matters, researching, innovating and fast. To be one of the leading companies nationally and internationally by continuing to give support after the customer oriented product sale and service, creating high added value and reflecting this on the country’s economy and its employees with its high motivation principles.